NEW ! Minimal Romance
2005, Acidsoxx Musicks, USA

Album CD 12 t. 59:48 - REVIEWS

Guests : Richard Cuvillier (cornet, trumpet), Laurent Rigaut (alto clarinet , tenor sax), Léa Claessens (voice, violin), Martin Granger (analog synth., ride cymbal), Julie (voice).
Falter Bramnk : voice, keyboards, sampler, guitars, flute, percussions, accordion, home tapes...

1. Recall of the souls
2. Waltz for Lon Chaney
3. Headwork and dancing feet
(Real audio)
4. Shleep on it (for R.W.)
(Real audio)
5. Exodus (Intestinal transit)
6. God's garden (psychelectropopromantic song)
7. She's far from the land (popfolkchromatic song)
8. Ainsi va t-il...
9. White knight in the night
10. Isis nocturne
11.Les toxifères
(Real audio)
12. Fun desperado

commander / order

 “How do you get the heart back inside the girl after you've repaired it and cleaned it up? You can't. You have to build huge walls of sound instead. Falter Bramnk is back with 12 new tracks of up-tempo psycho-pop (?) lovesongs, featuring 2 romantic poems originally set to music by Irish composer Frank Lambert”.

"Fans of Wyatt or the toy-pop scene, the two being unrelated but intersecting occasionally should lend an ear. Minimal Romance is an excellent production that irradiates creativity." (François Couture, All Music Guide)

"...opus inclassable, sensible et onirique" (Magic #96)